2018 GOALS

2017 was a strange year for me as I feel that nothing really happened in my personal life (apart from Glastonbury. Glastonbury happened and it was the best time of my existence). I was handed a lot more responsibility at work and I feel like I wanted to absolutely smash it, because of this I focused all my efforts on the Hello Kitty brand and not so much on the Charlotte Williams brand. I absolutely love my job and have always known that I want a thriving and exciting career, but I also thought that this would come with an active social life and lots of parties. Turns out when you burn your brain out on social media all day, you’re too tired to go to the parties.

Every year I make New Years Resolutions but this year I have decided to set myself some goals that will help me grow and ensure that 2018 is the year I not only kill it at work, but I’m also awake to go to the parties!

1. Refine Language Skills

I have a degree in Spanish and Portuguese from a fantastic university and I’m proud of that. I’ve also lived in both Spain and Portugal and consider Porto, Portugal my home. That being said, I rarely use either language unless I’m talking to my dog (we chat in Portuguese, ’cause he’s Portuguese. DUH.) and I feel like something is missing. I’ve started listening to reggaeton and kizomba again and getting into my Portuguese soap operas (currently watching A Unica Mulher) and a lot of Spanish films.

2. Start Learning Greek

My boyfriend is 2nd generation Greek Cypriot, living in London but doesn’t speak Greek. As a linguist, I find this so sad so I have decided to start learning with him. I’d love to be able to rock up to his grandma’s house in a years time and be like hey how’s it going (in Greek obvs).

3. Read a Book a Week

I’ve lived in my flat for over a year and it’s OPPOSITE a library. Am I a member you ask? Yes, yes I am… but only since last week. I’ve always been an avid reader and have a bookshelf full of amazing books but I want more and more information in my brain people. Also, last year I said about seven times “I’d love to join a book club”… 2018 book club pending!

4. Hair Growth

I am so lucky that I get to work with some of the best haircare brands around through my blog, but I am so lazy with my hair it’s unreal. It’s in terrible condition and I realised late last year that I’ve been doing everything wrong. This year is all about growing my mane and looking in the mirror and actually like what I see growing out of my head. I recently signed up for my friend UK Curly Girl‘s Get My Curls Back mailer and I learnt some really interesting facts about my hair type and what I should be doing. Shannon and I have very similar hair and she is a fountain of knowledge for all things curls, so I’m very lucky to have her in my life. I’ve had a product cull and I’ve started weekly treatments including the occasional steam. It’s my birthday in March so if any of my friends and family are struggling with the gift idea then please get me this Curls & Co steamer!

5. Book 4 Holidays

Last year I did not go away enough! I want to see the world and to do that takes planning and investment. This year I want to go on at least 4 amazing holidays. I’ve booked my girls trip to Porto in June and have two more European trips that I’m currently planning, but I need to plan one long haul life-changing trip, any suggestions welcome.

6. Make Time for Personal Time

I spend so much time thinking about random, non-important topics that I sometimes forget to take care of myself. My skin, hair and general health need some TLC, so I’m going to be heading back to the gym, booking monthly facials and more dates with my friends – mental health is as important than physical!

7. Train Prince

My dog is five-years-old and is so badly behaved sometimes it’s embarrassing. This is the year I finally get him to come back when I call him and stop eating all the crap off the street.

8. Start Saving

I live in London and I’m a millennial, need I say more? I spent my early twenties spending all my money travelling around Portugal and lunch breaks in Zara. Fast forward 8 years and I still don’t have a penny to my name! This year is about putting money aside for a rainy day.

9. Be Happy with the Present

Last year was so hectic, I felt that I was constantly reading emails and looking at social media. This year is about looking up from the screen, visiting museums and exhibitions, meeting friends and family, living life without being totally connected to my phone. Organisation is key and limited time on my phone. I am addicted to social media and I need to just shake the habit.

10. Find a Hobby (stop being boring)

What do you do outside of work? All I do is work and Netflix and I don’t think that’s very healthy, although I am really enjoying The Crown at the moment! I want to find a hobby that excites me and helps add something positive to my life.

11. Connect with 3 Charities

There are so many causes I am passionate about and feel that I can help not only monetarily, but with my time. I want to find three charities that I can really help out with, be it raising money, hosting events or raising awareness.

I’ve already started ticking some of these goals off. I’m going to check back in six months to see where I am and what I’ve achieved so far. Let’s see if I can write that post in Greek…


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