2019 has been an incredible year, so much has happened and I am so proud of what I have achieved and what I have learned. It kind of feels like I’ve blinked and we’re at the end of the year, but if I look through everything I’ve done, that’s clearly not the case. Here’s what I got up to this year:  


I announced the launch of my marketing agency, SevenSix Agency. It was a weird decision as I hadn’t finished my strategy or confirmed any clients and all I had was a company name and branding… I am incredibly impulsive so this was a perfect example of how my brain works and was definitely a learning curve for me as although it wasn’t something that caused any problems, if I could do it all again I’ve learned so much and would implement things a little differently. 


SevenSix Agency had our first client job, we were asked to invite a group of influencers to London Fashion Week on behalf of one of their official sponsors, PROPER. The lack of diversity on the guest list at LFW is astounding so this was an incredible first job for us! 

Later in the month, I was invited to speak on a panel for the launch of Treasure Tress founder, Jamelia Donaldson’s podcast, Jamelia’s Obsessed. This was an amazing opportunity and was the start of many panel talk appearances. You can listen here


This was the month of the SevenSix Agency official launch party, hosted at Hunter Collective. Possibly the best day of my life so far, no exaggeration. At this point, I was still scrambling along with very little idea of what I should be doing but I knew what I wanted my end goal to be. Regardless of whether or not launching without anything to announce was actually a good idea, the party was incredible and people are still talking about it now #noregrets.

This month’s panel talk was for Charisma Campaign in celebration of international women’s day. I talked about my career journey and being a woman in business.

My boyfriend turned 30 in March and we celebrated in our favourite city, Barcelona. We had the most amazing time and were completely relaxed, I really needed this holiday and I think I could do with it again now, ha! See my guide to Barcelona here and my Cava Tour guide here.  


April saw my first paid influencer campaign of the year with Dior Beauty. I created some beautiful content for them and it got really good results, sparking my return to influencer life.  

SevenSix hosted its first event, in influencer Clothing Sale at WAH London raising money for period poverty charity, Bloody Good Period. 


In May I modelled for Karen Millen for the second time. The shoot was in collaboration with Blow Ltd to promote their range for Ascot. SevenSix Agency was quite but I was working with a series of beauty brands creating content for their social media so I was booked and busy thankfully! 


In June I sat on a really interesting panel about Diversity in Marketing for the Diversity Forum. You can see me talk here.

SevenSix Agency worked with Mighty Hoopla Festival and took a group of influencers to the festival. We had the best time and I genuinely cannot wait to go back next year, I love cheese and that festival is EVERYTHING.  

We also worked with SHOPSTYLE and Centrepoint curating another charity clothing sale, this time raising over £1200. So proud. Things are meant to go quiet in the summer but I seemed to get busier.


I sat on a panel for Thy Self titled Self-Love vs Narcissism, this was a really interesting one and I was touched to be asked to speak. 

I hosted the first Sustainably Influenced event, a test event alongside my good friend and influencer Bianca Foley. We are rolling out a series of events next year AND a podcast so keep your eyes peeled. 

I also went into serious content creator mode this month which gained me an extra 2000 followers getting me to 7k on Instagram. I will be executing this strategy again starting from next week so let’s see what happens.


August was so busy! SevenSix Agency won its first retainer client, Label/Mix a new label created in collaboration with emerging designers.

I was on Hoxton Radio promoting SevenSix Agency, Listen here. I had another big influencer job, this time with Vitabiotics.

The last week of August I went to Ibiza for an epic holiday and then came back to London to host CULTURE AND SOUND the next day. This was a cultural event for Notting Hill Carnival, you can listen here.


September was a month of weddings, girls nights, content creation and events. My social life was popping and I was very much in back to school mode. We launched SevenSix Academy, a series of workshops focusing on influencer marketing and social media – 2020 dates coming soon. 


I celebrated International Day of the Girl on the London Coca Cola Eye with Wow Festival speed mentoring. This was an incredible experience and has solidified the idea that I want to work with young women throughout my career. 

That same weekend I organised a client’s stand for Black Girl Fest which was insane. I cannot wait to see what they do next year because this year’s event was unbelievably good. 

I was also on the lovely Muyiwa Adigun’s Twenty Nothing’s Podcast (listen here) and Katie Owen’s show on Boogaloo Radio. 

Charlotte Williams Model Ammé London


We had two more clients join SevenSix Agency and life was busy! I also got booked for a LOAD of modelling jobs out of the blue and bought a straight wig, which I love.

I was also on The ConHERsation Podcast talking the good, the bad and the ugly of influencer marketing. Listen here


The first two weeks of December were BUSY as the team and I had to get a month’s worth of work done in those two weeks so SevenSix Agency could close for the rest of the month for Christmas and New Year. Wew chile. 

Sara McCorquodale, a fellow agency owner and someone I really respect in the industry,  asked me to sit on a panel about the Year in Digital. This one was a pretty big deal for me to be recognised by one of my peers. 

Emma Dabari hosted an intimate event at The Wing and asked me, alongside four amazing women, to read a chapter of her book Don’t Touch My Hair. This was a beautiful event and I loved every second. 

Elizabeth Ogabi released my episode of her podcast, How I Made It Happen, where I told her EVERYTHING about my career and the agency. I was brutally honest as Liz is actually a friend of mine and I kind of forgot we were being recorded, whoops. 

And that was my 2019 in ridiculous detail. Just before writing this I finished my 2020 vision board, strategy and Q1 goals for both myself and SevenSix Agency – something I didn’t do last year. This next year is all about organisation, efficiency and happiness. BRING. IT. ON.


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