The city of Barcelona holds a special place in my heart as it holds many firsts for me. It was the city I spent my first girls holiday on at eighteen years old. It was the first and probably the last place I was able to buy alcohol without ID (taking it back to the Spanish class trip of 2005). And lastly, it was the first holiday I took with my boyfriend and four years later we’ve been every year since.
This year we went for my birthday and stayed in Cotton House, a five star hotel in the heart of Barcelona. From the moment we arrived the service was impeccable, a champagne reception and an extremely warm welcome from reception staff. We only stayed for four-nights but each night was an absolute treat. This visit to Barcelona was jam packed with exploring the best of Barcelona restaurants and bars (another blog post to follow) and Cotton House was a perfect base for our stay. We also ended up drinking at their bar most nights before or after (or both some nights) our evening festivities.
The hotel is absolutely stunning, it was originally the headquarters of the Cotton Textile Foundation “Fundación Textil Algodonera”, an emblematic 19th-century building in the neoclassical style which is a landmark in the city of Barcelona. Something that we absolutely adored about this hotel is that it kept most of the original features and so the whole place has a story to tell. 

We’ll obviously be heading back to Barcelona next year and if we don’t stay here again we will definitely pop in for a drink, the cocktails are amazing and the whole hotel is a photoshoot heaven! 

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