So a little summary of my life: I lived in Portugal on & off for about two years and in the October of 2012 my boyfriend got me a puppy. This puppy, now more of a dog, is my favourite thing on earth and the best present I’ve ever received. When I moved back to the UK in December 2013 I knew that it was going to be for good this time and told my boyfriend that we had to start making plans to bring my babyboy Prince over to the UK where he would live with me and my family. It seemed pretty straight forward and then I looked at the prices and cried.
The UK isn’t like the rest of Europe for so many reasons and one of them is that you can’t just bring in animals willy nilly. This is a great thing as it prevents diseases being spread etc. but it sucks for us Brits that want to bring our pets from abroad!
There are lots of rumours about how your pet will have to stay in quarantine for six months or he’ll have to be checked by a vet at the border etc. but now a-days none of that applies as we have the PETs scheme.

What is the PETs Scheme? 

Basically it’s a scheme that if you follow the rules and regulations allows you to bring your pet in from the EU with no issues.

So here are the rules:

When travelling to or returning to the UK from another EU or non-EU listed country your pet needs:

You must also use an authorised carrier and an approved route. 

The last rule is important as it states that you can’t just book a flight from any airport with any airline to put your pet on. Each airline is (or isn’t) registered to a specific airport so you’ll probably better off calling the airline to make sure. 

What we did:
Prince has had his passport for a while now as we were initially going to bring him in December 2013 but found out we simply couldn’t afford it. We made sure all of his jabs were up to date and ended up Booking a flight from Porto to Paris for my boyfriend and Prince. Once in Paris they got the train to Calais where I got the ferry over to meet them, and then drove back home via Dover. This was quite a long day but was a trip that we could afford and it meant that my boyfriend was able to have lunch with a friend in Paris and I was able to stroll around a massive supermarket in Calais buying French baguettes and croissants!  

We were so tired by the end of the day but I am so happy now to come home from work and have my beautiful baby waiting at the door for me! Now I’ve got Prince here, my little family is almost complete.
All the links above are from the website which was a huge help for us when making plans.
Have any of you brought a pet from abroad? What was your experience?

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