A few weeks ago now I was invited by Aesthetics Lab, Primrose Hill, to try out a treatment of my choice. I’ve had on and off skin problems since I was a teenager and recently my skin has been playing up, so this invitation was music to my ears.

After speaking to the Aesthetic Lab team we decided my treatment would be chosen after the aesthetician could assess what my skin needed, so off I went to Primrose hill for my appointment. It was a gorgeous day and I was extremely hungover thanks to a pre-carnival party the night before. As I walked in, I immediately felt relaxed! The music was soothing, the lighting was perfect and there was a lovely spa-like smell in the air. I was greeted by Eli who was taking care of me for the day and swiftly moved downstairs to the treatment room.

Eli assessed my skin and decided on a ALab Detox Facial which would refresh my dull, oily and congested skin. The treatment was quite intense, starting off with some exfoliation and “extractions” (basically professionally popping some big spots) and then moved onto microdermabrasion which I think really helped my skin. It ended with an LED therapy light mask which I actually fell asleep to and was awoken by the sweetest voice and feeling totally refreshed. It was the perfect way to spend a hungover Saturday. 

I left the salon with clear and refreshed skin, full of oils of which I let sink into my skin all afternoon. Eli advised getting a treatment every 2-3 weeks to ensure my skin stays fresh and youthful. I’m not sure if I could afford that but I will definitely be looking into booking a treatment once every month or so.

A huge thank you to the Aesthetics Lab team for such a beautiful experience. It was truly the best facial I have ever had.


I think the next treatment I’ll try will be an acid peel! Have you tried one? Let me know!


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