94   678
17   625
19   381
29   603
75   718
35   610
57   620
74   1239
21   433
5   163


I’m trying not to spend money as I’ve just moved and have had to put all money hard earned cash towards house goods (who knew moving was so expensive!), but it’s pay day tomorrow and I really feel that it is in my best interest to buy the above five items. If I don’t get them, I’m not sure how I will survive the autumn! At the moment I don’t have a purse, so my cards are all loose in my hand bag which surely isn’t very safe. I don’t have a winter coat so the Zara coat is self explanatory. I’ve wanted Dr Martens for so long it’s ridiculous. I nearly bought a pair this month but I decided not to (idiot), so next month it is happening. And the other two pieces I just want, ok!

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