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Last week was a busy week as my boyfriend was over and we tried to fit a lot into a short amount of time. He left early this morning and I’m a little bit down as I miss him already and for some reason this week felt like a glimpse of what living together again next year will be like.
As everyone knows London Fashion week started on Friday and like many bloggers I made plans to go to Somerset House to take many street style photos. Unfortunately things didn’t pan out exactly as I had planned so I wasn’t able to do that but I was lucky enough to attend some Fashion Scout shows on behalf of This was amazing as I have only ever seen one catwalk show which was a few years ago at London Fashion Weekend, but this time I was able to go backstage with The Body Shop and really get a feel of Fashion Week. I loved every second of my day and it was even more special as my boyfriend was able to come with me and take photos (he also had the time of his life).
One of my favourite parts of the day was looking at The Body Shop  products and getting a makeover. I am now obsessed with The Body Shop and think I might be making a cheeky purchase next weekend of the BB Cream and a few lipsticks as they are soooo pigmented!
I wasn’t sure what I wanted to wear and had a bit of a stress but in the end I went full black on black with a touch of pink. I know a lot of people go all out and get a whole new outfit for these kind of events but I didn’t buy anything new for the day. I just went in what I felt comfortable in and I think that is important when going to things like this. Overall I had an amazing day and met some lovely people. Hopefully I’ll be able to go to many events like this in the future!
H&M Tee
Vintage Skirt 
Aldo Booties
Zara Coat (sale)

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