For months I’d been deliberating over dying my hair back to a natural dark brown or letting my blonde grow out, and last month I finally made up my mind! I was so nervous and excited as I hadn’t seen my hair close to its natural colour for over a year, and I’ve never seen my hair this big and curly on the darker side… ever! So what if I didn’t like it?!

I’ve been trying to use the best and most natural products on my hair for a long time now, so I was a little stumped when it came to picking a way to dye it. I’d seen a lot of my natural hair blogger friends use Henna to dye their hair and I just knew that the colour results were not what I was after. So I needed to go down the normal box dye route. Luckily I met some beautiful ladies from NATURIGIN at a Bloggers Hangout event and they were able to send me a box of their darkest brown – Dark Coffee Brown. I was worried when I received the product that the colour wouldn’t be dark enough to match my root colour, but it ended up being perfect!

So why did I end up choosing NATURIGIN?
  • It’s the only hair colour brand in the world to have an organic certification with 98.2% of it’s ingredients being naturally certified organic
  • It’s free from Parabens, Ammonia, SLS, Resorcinol, synthetic colour and perfume
  • It contains natural oils such as Sunflower, Jojoba and Grapeseed
The hair dying process was so simple and quick, I skimmed through the instructions and then just went for it – I’m not one for following instructions anyway as I always think I know better… hence why I can’t bake! Consequently, I left the dye on my hair for 40 minutes instead of the recommended thirty as I really wanted to make sure the bleach was covered. Then voila, my hair was lusciously dark. I was shocked at myself for not getting a single drop of the dye on my clothes, towel or anywhere in my bathroom. Also, something really great about this product is that it didn’t stink my flat out with that awful chemical smell. NATURIGIN smells like Earl Grey tea!
After dying, I then went on to deep condition my hair for 45 mins with the Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner and a carrier bag. I think it’s so important to deep condition your hair after dying as the process can be quite a lot for your hair to take in, chemicals galore or not!
So what do you think of my new colour? Do you prefer me lighter or darker? I haven’t decided yet! 

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  1. July 4, 2016 / 1:22 pm

    Love the hair. I'm growing mine out. It's 4c so the curls won't be this evident, but your hair is gorgeous.

    Mich x

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