This weekend Porto hosted an event called Blogs in the City which was a series of presentations by some amazing bloggers from the Iberic Peninsula and I guess was a chance for a bit of blogger networking. Due to my work schedule I was only able to attend on the Sunday but I’m so glad I went. I went to the “Tips to become #1” talk which featured bloggers Marta from Mycloset, the beautiful Priscila from My Showroom and Natalia from Trendytaste (one of my personal favourites).  The talks were a good insight to the blogging world and it was so surreal seeing the girls who I look at all the time on my laptop in real life. The event was small and intimate so it was easy to go over to the girls and talk to them. The only problem is I’m SUPER shy and so I only built the courage up to talk to Natalia, who was so lovely and so gorgeous in real life too. This event was in Portuguese and Spanish and was one of those moments where I thought to myself  “see my degree did come in handy”. After the presentation I went off to have lunch with my boyfriend and then went home to chill out as this week has been really long! This upcoming weekend I’m going to England to surprise my grandmother for her birthday (she doesn’t read my blog) and I’m literally counting the days. My boyfriend and I are extremely excited to be back in London and do a little bit of Christmas shopping. 4 days to go!

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  1. November 25, 2013 / 3:05 pm

    [ Smiles ] On the bright side, you got to attend the "Blogs In City" on Sunday.

    I am sure that there were those who wished they could have been there.

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