After my holiday I needed to get a slightly darker foundation to match the slight tan that I came back with (I didn’t do too much sunbathing because it was just so HOT). I don’t like to wear much makeup in the summer and generally try to avoid foundation altogether as I like to embrace the natural, but I needed something to cover up some scarring and darker spots.

I already had the Face Touch Up Stick and wanted to buy something different, so I ended up getting the Skin Foundation Stick in Golden. The stick gives great coverage when layered and blends so well that I can use it in the places that need it rather than all over. I also left with the Sheer Finished Press Powder in Warm Honey as I needed something to soak up the oil. So far I’ve had nothing but complements, but I need the sun to come out in London again as I’m already loosing my tan!

What foundation, if any, are you using this summer?


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