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The weekend after I came back from Boston I flew over to Portugal to ‘matar as saudades‘ (spend time with everyone that I’ve missed since moving back to the UK). Whilst I was there I went to my old hair salon (the one that corrected my hair after that day) and got myself a Brazilian Blow Dry. Well at least I think that’s what it translates to in English. In Portuguese they call it a Relaxamento or relaxer in English, but it’s very different to the Relaxer we know over here in the UK and in the US.
The process consisted of washing my hair and leaving a mask on for about 30mins. Then my hair was dried a little before the product was combed in and left for a while and then straightened into the hair. This process alone took about 3 hours. Then it was time to wash the product out and blow dry and straighten my hair like normal. I wasn’t allowed to have any water touch my hair or tie it up for 72 hours (I left it a week just to make sure) and my hair stayed poker straight for the whole time. Weird. When I washed my hair again I was half expecting my curls to come back, but in fact my curl pattern has completely changed and my hair is now more on the wavy side than curly.
I’ll be going back again in September/ October time to get it done again and I’ve been told my hair will get straighter each time. My aim isn’t to get dead straight hair, I just want it frizz free and luscious looking.
What I had done was not actually a straightening treatment per se, it is meant to get rid of frizz and it is also a treatment to restore your hair from any damage caused by heat or general wear and tear.
For those in the Porto area, I went to Isabel Queiroz do Vale in Antas, this is the hair dressers I used to go to when I lived in Porto, and hands down one of the best salons I’ve ever been to. It’s very old school so they don’t have a website or even an email address, it’s just a case of dropping in to book an appointment.
This is not a sponsored post (in fact the ladies in the salon didn’t even know what a blog was when I was telling them).

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