“We must become the change we want to see.” — Mahatma Gandhi

Oh hey… I disappeared for minute there but I am most definitely back!

2015 brought some changes to my personal life, which I’m just starting to get over and on with now, but these changes have most definitely lead to a happier me.

So, what’s new? I turned 25 last month and it was the strangest thing! I always thought that Charlotte at 25 would be very different to the Charlotte I actually am right now. It’s weird because we are kind of conditioned into thinking: get a well paid job, get married, have children and you’re set for life, but that’s just not right and in most cases that’s not where happiness lies.

My major problem with this ideal is that children scare me, marriage requires a second person and buying a house means you need to stop splurging on Asos as soon as your pay check comes in… and I’m sorry that’s just not gonna happen right now!

All I’m thinking about right now is getting my abs ready for my summer holiday and keeping my curls in check! – Another big change of 2015 is the fact that I’ve gone heat free and haven’t used any heat on my hair since February 9th! This is a huge feat for me as there was a point a few months ago where I hadn’t seen my curls for over six months and couldn’t remember what I looked like with natural curly hair!

This post is a nod to Charlotte of 2014 (hey girl!) and a smile of what’s to come! My photographer friend Iyanka took these pictures last year and I completely forgot about them! We need to do a curly shoot asap so I can show off my natural curls!


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