Last year I was invited to take part in a focus group where they invited a number of curlies to discuss what we really look for in hair products. The general concessions was that we were after simple, gimic free products that not only explained the benefits they have for your hair but actually work! Roll on February 2017 and CURLSMITH was launched! 

CURLSMITH is described as the first gourmet haircare brand specifically created for curls. combining cupboard staples and organic ingredients. 

As you know I’m extremely loyal to the brands I use, I very rarely try anything new because I just know what works for me. BUT I tried this brand and OH MY GOD am I glad I did. To be completely honest I was sent the products and it wasn’t until I saw Helena from Curls and Cake post her results that I realised I really have to try these products. The range consists of four products and I use three out of the four on a wash basis (was going to say daily but I only wash my hair once every 4-5 days).

This co-wash is the MVP of the group, it’s so hydrating and leaves my hair SO soft and bouncy. I use this as both a co-wash and a conditioner. I cleanse my hair around once every two weeks with shampoo and then use this as conditioner but for the days in between cleansing I use the co-wash.
I use the Oil Serum once every few weeks in the classic way, oil my head up and grab some cling film and a hat to heat the oil up for around 45 minutes. I then go on to rinse and co-wash.
After washing I go on to use Oil Cream throughout my hair, raking it in with my fingertips focusing on the ends. It smells fantastic and is so thick you can literally feel your hair soaking it up.
I then go on to scrunching in the Souffle into my curls, which again smells amazing but is the weirdest texture. I assume the texture is jelly like because of the natural ingredients used rather than artificial stiffness!
After using the products I grab my hair dryer and diffuse on a low heat until my curls are around 70% dry. I puff and then let my hair dry naturally throughout the morning.
I repurchased the co-wash last night and was sent a 25% off code for friends! If you’re thinking of purchasing, be sure to use THIS LINK to get a great discount!
I’ve seen these products being used differently in other people’s reviews. Have you tried them and if so, what’s your method?

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