Last year I was gifted a small pot of the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm in a goodie bag from an event. I left it in my cupboard for ages without knowing anything about the brand and it wasn’t until I saw my friend Simone talking about the brand on her Instagram stories that I decided to try it out. The power of the influencer!

I am known for having really good skin or really bad skin, there’s no in-between. Sometimes my skin is absolutely flawless, normally when I haven’t worn makeup for ages. And then I go through long patches of spot outbreaks that make me look like an acne riddled teenager. I’ve been using the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm for a good few months now and my skin has never looked better. I can’t describe to you how good this stuff is, your makeup literally melts off your face. It gets rid of red lipstick and mascara as if they were nothing.

I use the balm exclusively as a makeup remover, in the morning or at night if I’m not wearing makeup I use one of Dermologica or The Body Shop’s face washes to keep my face clean. I do this because Emma Hardie products are a little pricey and I don’t want to waste any of it, save those pennies!

After using this product for a few months I realised the reason I was getting spotty was because a) I live in London and get the tube every day so my skin is constantly being attacked by dirt and pollution and b) I wasn’t taking all my makeup off at night before bed. I’ve used other brands before that are 2 or 3 part steps to get everything off an leave your face clean, but this beauty does it in one so I don’t have the opportunity to be lazy and skip a step!

I would 100% recommend everyone to try this the Moringa Cleansing Balm. I haven’t used anything else from the brand but am definitely interested so will let you know if I do. If you want to be frugal I would suggest purchasing the 15ml pot, it will last you a couple of weeks and you’ll fall in love. If you trust me, go for the biggen… you won’t regret it! After using my sample I’ve since purchased one 15ml pot and a 100ml pot, as well as a pack of the cleansing cloths because they are BOMB.

Are you familiar with the Emma Hardie brand? What else should I try?


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