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Where to Find Me – Events & Podcasts


Retail Connected by Retail Week


How to embed purpose into your brand DNA

Retail Connected has been created to help all retailers and those serving today’s consumer around the world to seize these opportunities and understand and embrace the realities of accelerated change. Across five days, Retail Connected will bring together speakers from inside and outside the retail industry in order to provide challenging ideas, invaluable insight, inspiration and a future vision that will help you and your business.



Digital Day by The Marketing Society


Influencer 101: An introduction to Influencer Marketing

Focussing on best practice in marketing and showcasing brilliant brands doing impressive digital work. This will be open to all but aimed more at marketers looking to be inspired and gain insight into best practice.

This session will cover:

  • Types of InfluencersTypes of Content
  • Paid vs Gifting
  • Creating YOUR Community
  • Industry Standards
  • Measuring Success



SevenSix Agency Workshop


How to Create Your Brand Strategy as an Influencer

Are you ready to turn your platform into a brand? Want to get back on track to achieving your influencer goals? Join SevenSix Agency founder and influencer, Charlotte Williams, as she takes you through how to view yourself as a business and the creative process of designing your branding strategy.


  • Setting clear objectives
  • Understanding your content pillars
  • Creating motivational mood boards
  • How to set intentions and plan for future opportunities
  • How to put together a killer strategy that works for your business



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