A few weeks ago I was invited out by Pandora for, at the time, my first Christmas themed event of the year. Pandora and Christmas have such a strong association for me as it is the go to store for presents for many of the women in my family, especially my mum and sister, so I was naturally very excited to attend the event.

It was a Thursday evening and myself and a room full of fashion and lifestyle influencers were invited to The Ivy Market Grill in Covent Garden to eat a delicious selection of canapés and make ginger bread houses, something I hadn’t done since childhood. The event was lovely, beautifully decorated and well thought out,  even the workshop leader was fantastic. None of this is surprising though considering who had invited us. What I was actually really surprised at was my gingerbread house making skills, who knew I was so creative! 

Pandora had invited us all down to not only get us in the Christmas spirit, but to celebrate the launch of their new jewellery gifts, which we were given a sneak peek at. At the time of the event, I hadn’t thought about Christmas present shopping AT ALL but now it’s getting so closer to December, I’m feeling truly inspired. I also really want to do another gingerbread house making session… I might host a little workshop in my flat before Christmas because it was so much fun.

Thank you to Pandora and Mindshare for such a lovely time!

What activities have you been up to in the lead up to Christmas?


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