Autumn is my favourite season but can also be quite a turbulent one for me. I’m a spring baby so I probably have an affinity to the transitional seasons but there’s just something about autumn that hits me right in the gut. I’ve been trying to figure out what it is and looking back my autumns have been busy for as long as I can remember.

As a teenager I used to go to Canada to visit my aunt in the autumn before school started and I would buy a whole new A/W wardrobe. Autumn is when I would leave London and head back to Nottingham for University. It’s also when I officially moved to Portugal and then two years later made the decision to move back to London. Autumn is when I got my puppy. Autumn is when I had my first life changing breakup. Lastly, I moved into my flat in Autumn (two years ago next month).

A lot of life changing experiences have happened during the Autumn months for me and I always feel like I should be travelling, moving or changing something around September/ October time. This year is no different for me and I’ve had really itchy feet for about a month now.

I’ve narrowed down what I want to do and feel like as soon as these are completed, life can continue as normal:

Build My Business

A few months ago I left my job to go freelance, it was a huge uncharacteristic jump for me but something I am yet to regret. At first I was just trying out freelance life but I’ve taken on so many amazing clients already that I have decided to build a business. By the end of the year I’m aiming to have a website, logo and super-professional business plan ready to go.

Decorate My Bedroom & Office

I find it really difficult to work in unorganised spaces. I get easily distracted and working from home can lead to hours of unplanned tidying and organisation sessions. My boyfriend and I moved into our flat two years ago this November and we focused heavily on decorating our living room and kitchen which are rooms that guests would see. We currently use the spare room as an office/ my blogger mail room and our bedroom tends to become a dumping ground for clothes. Nobody goes into these rooms except for us but they are probably the most important rooms in the flat. We spend 6-8 hours in the bedroom asleep and then I spend another 5-6 hours in the office working. These rooms most definitely need some TLC and at the end of the month I plan to start the transition, starting with a brand new bed.

Create a Capsule Wardrobe

I’m trying to make my life super-efficient and stress free. The idea of working for myself means I can keep my own hours and work when and as much or little as I want. I spend a lot of time working at home and then heading to events in the evening, so going from tracksuit/ pyjama bottoms to glam in no time at all. I think looking slobbish constantly has had it’s affect on my personal style as I haven’t been able to dress myself with confidence for months. I want to put together a thirty-five piece capsule wardrobe by the end of this month that I live by until after Christmas.

We’re basically half way through Autumn now so I don’t have long to get myself together, but I’m excited to try!


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