So by now I think it’s known that I’ve become a bit of a product junkie. When I moved house a few weeks ago I was forced to cull products from my toiletries box (it was actually two boxes and a canvas bag, but hey) that I just simply didn’t need and consequently, that my boyfriend refused to put in the moving van. One month into the new place and I’m already bursting out of the dedicated hair product cupboards and spilling into the office… to be continued.

Anywhoooooo, the lovely ladies at GroHealthy were kind enough to send me some products from their GroHealthy Shea & Coconut with Omega 3 range. I was excited to try the range as I had my hair ruined cut a few months ago at a well known London salon and it is in the worst condition of my life and is in need of all the help it can get. I’ve been using everything I can on it to try and combat the dryness and frizz but it’s still a work in progress. Although these GroHealthy products are all natural (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing!) all of the products are free from Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, Sulfates, Phthalates, Colorants and Parabens.
Photography: Framed Fantasies

So I’ve spent the last two weeks using these products and you know what, I’m liking the results! The MVP of the group is most definitely the Moisture Rich Conditioner. It is THE best conditioner to have on hand in the shower if you’re in a rush and need to detangle quickly! I’ve also been enjoying the Smooth Edges edge controller these last couple of days as I’ve been too lazy to wash and it’s kept my edges under control! 

The consistency of all the products is quite thick which I think correlates with the amount of moisture everything has put into my hair. Also the smell is divine, after using this line you feel like you’ve washed your hair in a tropical paradise. I’m very funny with smells and normally like my hair products to be subtle but in my opinion you can do no wrong with the smell of coconuts.  

To achieve the look above I simply washed my hair in the shower with my normal shampoo and the GroHealthy Moisture Rich Conditioner and then used a bit of the conditioner as a leave in. To style I used the Curling Custard all over along with the Flat Out Frizz Fighter on the ends. I then let it air dry and gave it a few ruffles once my hair was about 70% dry. 

Have you used GroHealthy? What’s your experience been like?


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