I’m flying back to London for a quick ten day visit today! I haven’t been in the UK since April and I am so excited to do so many things. Primarily I am back to see my family. My sister’s been volunteering in Africa for a month so we haven’t had contact for the entire month and it has been agony. She got back home this morning so I can’t wait to see her tomorrow. Also my little niece is growing up so fast, when I left she was only three months old but I am able to speak to her on the phone (babytalk) and I get emails and whatsapp messages daily with pictures and videos of her, which has kept me sane. I have a suitcase full of gorgeous Portuguese presents that I can’t wait to give to her! As well as my family I can’t wait to see my friends and to go for dinner. One thing I really miss about London is the choice of restaurants… I am going to be a lot bigger when I head back to Portugal! My boyfriend isn’t coming with me this time as he has to stay at home to look after our puppy. So I’m really going to miss the two of them.





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