After being snowed in my apartment for a week on a work trip to Boston, boredom forced me to make a change that I had no idea how actually life changing it would turn out to be. On 9th February 2015 I decided to put the straighteners down, take out my half head of extensions, and spend half my salary on the best organic natural hair products Target had to offer! My curls were about to be embraced.  
Roll on 18th March 2017 when boredom struck again and I decided to pop to a salon to get my hair blow dried straight for the weekend. I’d been wanting to do this for over a year but had been too scared about the damage I could potentially be left with. I went on to book an appointment at a lovely salon in West London called Clo&Flo and literally couldn’t wait to see the transformation. 

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It took around forty-five minutes to blow dry and straighten my hair and when the hairdresser had finished neither of us could believe how different I looked! It’s crazy how much my hair changes my appearance. The most shocking thing was how long my hair was, it had basically doubled in length!
My hair hasn’t been that long since when I first started straightening it at the age of 16. It’s such a good feeling knowing that through hard work and determination I was able to get my hair to that length.
Annoyingly the day I got my hair done was the only day that weekend that it rained so it started to get frizzy pretty quickly.  Luckily I had a curling iron at home from when I curled my friends hair for her wedding a few months ago, so I was able to add in some beach waves on the Saturday night and I felt so bloody sexy.
I loved how it looked for a full 24 hours and then I started to realise how long it was and how itchy and annoying it was on my neck. In order to keep it straight I had to wrap it at night, which is so difficult but if I didn’t wrap it I would wake up with a head full of frizz. Ughhhh
On the Sunday morning I woke up and looked in the mirror and thought how much I missed the real Charlotte, the girl with the head full of curls! So I tied it up for 2 days and washed it on Tuesday morning – I hate over washing, nobody wants a dry scalp!   
It was such an interesting experience seeing my hair straight after so long, but you know what? I don’t think I’m going to do it again anytime soon! Maybe I’ll wait another two years and see how I feel but I know that right now I’m loving my curls even more than before. 
The MVP for that weekend was the Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil, between that and my silk scarf I was able to keep my hair straight for a record time without a straightener! 
Do you prefer my hair curly or straight?

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