Invisible Night Time Braces with Wondersmile – Half Way Through

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For a very long time, I’ve wanted to get braces to correct some movement that I got after having braces as a child and not wearing my retainer. I can’t believe I was given braces at the age of 17 and then a few months before I was sent off to university I was told I then had to wear a retainer every night. I can probably count on one hand how many times I actually wore said retainer, I don’t even think I know where it went after the first week. When I turned 30 I made a list of all the things I wanted to sort out before I became a “real adult“, and one of them was to get my teeth straightened out. My teeth weren’t bad persé, but there were 3 individual teeth that just let the whole mouth down, and having them sorted out would actually help so much with stain prevention and general dentist related issues – I’m a sucker for a glass of red and my hygenist often comments on the fact she can tell!

Roll on late 2020 and my team let me know that SevenSix talent had an opportunity to partner with WonderSmile, a company that offers invisible aligners at affordable prices, and of course, I took up the opportunity. Something that had been stopping me was that my dentist had quoted me around £3.5k for Invisalign and I just could not justify that spend. I did some research on Wondersmile and their pricing and found them to be more than half the price of what my dentist had quoted me and they seemed to do things really efficiently. I’m now halfway through my treatment so I thought I’d do a quick check-in post, not only to share the experience with all of you but to also keep as a reference for when I finish in four months time.

How does it work?

In December 2020 I had my consultation at the Shoreditch Wondersmile office. It is a relatively quick process of getting a 3D scan of your mouth to check out your teeth situation and then talking through braces options. We could see that there were only a couple of teeth that needed to move to get the desired effect which meant that I wouldn’t need to have the braces for too long. Wondersmile offer two options on the invisible aligners:

  1. All-Day Aligners – to be worn 22 hours per day
  2. NightClear Aligners – 10 hours of continuous wear overnight

I decided to go for the NightClear Aligners because I didn’t mind that they take on average 3 months longer to straighten my teeth as I’m in no rush. And it means I can snack all day without any stress! Roll on a few weeks later and the molds were created and delivered to my door in a big box, it was all very exciting.

Putting in the aligners for the first time is a little uncomfortable as your teeth aren’t used to being pushed around, but by night three the discomfort completely goes. Note it isn’t pain, it’s just uncomfortable. I change my aligners every three weeks but some people need to change every two and by the end of the three weeks the aligner is so loose and you can feel the difference when you put the new ones in. I clean mine every day with a toothbrush and spot of toothpaste and then once a week I drop them in a glass of water with 1 Steradent tablet for 10 mins to ensure they are really clean. In terms of keeping on schedule, I’ve not missed a single night of wearing them since I started in January -I set an alarm on my phone to put them in at 9pm every day and then I normally take them out at about 8.30am/9am. So they’re in for a solid 11-12 hours.

Results so far

So far I can see that my teeth have definitely moved. My bottom row is so close to straightening out and it’s really exciting. I went to the dentist a few weeks ago for teeth cleaning and I told her about the treatment and asked how my teeth looked and I got the thumbs up. I’m always complaining about staining between my front two teeth on the bottom row and she said that once they’ve straightened out I won’t have this issue any longer – it’s a spacing thing, the teeth are cramped together which means food and stuff can easily get stuck and stay there.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Wondersmile braces options then head to their website to check them out. I also have a code that will get you £80 off of your treatment – WILC90. If you do book, let me know how it goes! I’ll be back in 4 months with another check-in and hopefully a fully straightened smile!

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