Last year Bianca Foley and I hosted an event titled, Sustainably Influenced at The Arboretum, a new independent members club focused on environmental stewardship & social well-being. We put on the event to talk about sustainability in the influencer space, a topic we’d been discussing together for a while and wanted to open up to a wider audience. The event was a huge success and sparked more than we could ever imagine… six months later we’re announcing the launch of Sustainably Influenced the podcast!

Sustainably Influenced explores mine and Bianca’s efforts in making changes to our lifestyles as influencers. We aim to live a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle and hope that we can encourage our audience to make one small change each time they listen. Each week the podcast will go live on a Friday with a guest who is an expert in sustainability, eco or conscious living. We aim to bring more understanding to the topic of sustainability and give our audience (and ourselves) tips and tricks to help make some lifestyle changes. The first episode is in collaboration with RSPCA, a charity very close to both of our hearts.

You can find Sustainably Influenced on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. If you’ve already listened to the podcast please be sure to leave a review!


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