Lockdown Living Room Transformation – The Home Office Desk

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Did anyone else end up hating their living situation last year after spending every day all day in the same place? Glad it’s not just me! I really like my flat but staring at the same four walls really helped highlight its flaws and how much needed to be finished that we just didn’t get round to because we were never home. After a room rotation and some soft furnishing purchases, I can finally say I am happy with the living room and can now move on to stressing about the other rooms in the flat.

With both Emilio and I having to work from home we had to divide and conquer. I took the spare room as my office as it had all my stuff in any way and I gave him the living room so he could also have access to the TV and PlayStation – I know, I’m so nice. Our living room is actually a really good size for a London flat, we can’t fit a dining room table in because of the way we’ve orientated it but we have done in the past. We made room for a desk and then went on the hunt for the perfect one that was big enough to actually use for work but doesn’t look like it belongs in an office – this was actually surprisingly difficult. We ended up finding the perfect desk on Rocket St George and they were kind enough to send it as a gift. The Retro Amber Glass Desk is a serious talking point, everyone makes a point of how nice it is, be that on FaceTime or IRL. I’ve also had so many DMs about it after posting it on my Instagram, this is when I thought maybe I should talk about home stuff more because the engagement is unreal when I share these things!

In a bid to be space efficient and lockdown-WFH-friendly we also sold our giant coffee table on GumTree and bought a smaller one that doubles up as storage and a little desk/TV dinner solution. I really can’t wait until we can socialise normally again so I can have friends round for cocktails and share my new living room. Hopefully by then I would have finished the bedroom and spare room too.

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