A few weeks ago I was invited* to LAYLOW a new spot in West London, so my food blogger friend Suzie Bakos and made the pilgrimage west to see what the hype was about. LAYLOW is a house located on Golborne Road, we visited for lunch but were given the tour and my goodness is this place pretty. It’s spread across 4 floors and has a restaurant with outdoor seating, a lounge and private dining with its own rooftop terrace and a live music venue in the basement.

Photos Krystal Neuvill & Suzie Bakos

Designed by Bella Freud and Nicholas Kilner the space is probably one of the most instagramable places I have ever been. Everything has been perfectly thought out, from the pink and forest green velvet seating to the gorgeous crockery.

We were fortunate enough to try pretty much all of the lunch menu and I can confirm that the food is amazing! I would definitely suggest the roasted aubergine, it was out of this world!

Thanks so much LayLow London for inviting us down and taking such great care of us!


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