Earrings c/o Motley

So a while ago I told you all that I wasn’t touching my hair at all and the aim was to let it grow and be healthy… and you know what? I actually did what I said!

After the not so great bleaching experience in February, I got a cheap box of dark brown hair dye and in March went back to the dark-side. It took a while to get used to my hair close to its natural colour as I’d been bleaching it for quite a few years at that point. The colour faded after a few weeks and I think I coloured it one more time after that and then decided to just let the colour do what it wanted.

So my colour was natural and my hair was finally growing, probably because the ends had stopped snapping off, but what really changed the game were braids and cornrows! I had my hair braided in the summer and then again to go on holiday over Christmas and after that I’ve had a few cornrow styles. Each time I took my braided style out I could visibly see how much my hair had grown! So I decided to get a nice shape up at Unruly Curls and to keep this hair growth party going!

This is me the week after the trim at London Fashion Week! This season I didn’t go as The Stylum, I went as Charlotte Williams, Founder of SevenSix Agency and I was able to take some influencers to a few shows. Times are changing and I am loving it!


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