I am obsessed with these new Steve Madden boots I purchased a few weeks ago. Ever since I went to Boston two years ago, Steve Madden has become my favourite shoe brand. As soon as I stepped into the Newbury Street store, I knew it would be a long lasting relationship.

Just before Christmas I popped into TK Maxx to get some last minute stocking fillers. I ended up leaving with nothing but these Steve Madden beauts. This is why I absolutely love TK Maxx, because you never know what you’re going to walk out with! I’ve left a link to the Dune website where they are £79, but I actually only paid £29.99 for them.

Also, I was contacted by a brand called Mannequin Avenue a few months back who sent me this gorgeous Pom Charm. I’ve had it attached to my Michael Kors purse for a few days but I think I will be investing in a new bag pretty soon and I can’t wait to hang it from that. It is so soft and I absolutely LOVE bag accessories. Thank you Mannequin Avenue for my charm!


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