The Stylum Newlook Press Day AW14 2

The Stylum Newlook Press Day AW14

The Stylum Newlook Press Day AW14 Midori

So I’ve managed to blog three times this week, it’s a miracle! I’m getting back into my blogging swing as I’ve missed it so much and I have so many exciting things happening / coming up in my life that I want to share with the world. Going back a few weeks now I was invited to the Newlook AW14 Press Day in London. I’ve been to a few press events in my time but this was definitely one of my favourites due to the yummiest Midori cocktail and delicious canapés. I know it should be about the clothes but come on food and cocktails are also important right?
The AW14 collection was really nice and there was surprising pastel palette that confused me, if it wasn’t for the fur coats I could have sworn it was a SS14 Press Day. As an avid all black errting addict who is trying to add a pop of colour to her life, I really appreciated the rainbow of pieces that we’ll be able to wear next season.
I’m flying out to Boston on Sunday and I am so excited as even though I’ll be working, I will definitely find time to get my shop on! If any of you are from MA or have visited Boston please give me some advice on restaurants, bars, shops and monuments to visit as I haven’t had time to do much research!

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