Following on from my last post… This Season I was lucky enough to get a press pass for Portugal Fashion Week which was held in both Lisbon and Porto. Unfortunately due to my hectic schedule that weekend I wasn’t able to make any Lisbon shows but I made sure that when I got to Porto I made an absolute effort to check out the scene. Portugal Fashion week is a lot more relaxed than LFW and from what I can tell there was very little blogger activity, which made getting a press pass that little bit sweeter.
On the Friday I went to dinner at my favourite restaurant in Porto (post to come) and then headed to the Alfândega to see what was happening. I first visited the exhibition space where a few designers were showing there pieces from the previous and current seasons and was able to meet some of Portugal’s finest up and coming designers, which was amazing. I spoke to João Melo Costa, who we saw at Fashion Scout last month,  and asked him about his collection. João seems to have a lot of creativity swimming around in his mind, describing one of his pieces to be inspired by the wires of a computer cable let loose and free and the collection in general to be like a creation of a new sex, one that is neither masculine nor feminine, but both at the same time. He was so nice and let me try on a few of his pieces (I felt super cool I won’t lie).
Then I went over to talk to Teresa Abrunhosa and this is where the magic happened… I am one of those people who when they like something, they get borderline obsessed and this has definitely been the case with this designer! Teresa’s collection is absolutely stunning, a perfect balance between femininity and sexiness and it is one of those rare collections that you can actually wear everything straight off of the catwalk. I have a post coming up next week which focuses on her as a designer with pictures of the beautiful pieces and a little interview, but if you can’t wait to see them then check out my Instagram as I took far too many pictures at her show.

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