I got a new phone recently as I dropped my old one and it slowly died over the space of a weekend. Unfortunately I forgot to pass everything over to my iCloud or whatever and happened to lose a few important things on the phone. This included my interview with Teresa Abrunhosa! Gutted…
I had a sneak peak at Teresa’s collection whilst I was at Portugal Fashion and before I’d even seen it on the models I knew I was a fan. The following day I was able to attend her show and I’m so happy I did as it was simply beautiful. Teresa has already exhibited in Paris and this was her second show at Portugal Fashion, and although she is new on the scene Teresa has a background in illustration and is currently finishing her degree in Fashion Design. Each piece of the collection was absolutely wearable and stunning, not only because of the gorgeous colour palette, but also due to the beautiful fabric and cut chosen by Teresa herself.
Teresa described her collection as being extremely feminine but sexy with a military edge that can be seen in the straps and metal buckles on many of the pieces. She was so excited by her collection and when I asked what was next for Teresa Abrunhosa as a brand she immediately talked about global domination.
I am one of those people who when they love something, they LOVE that something to the extreme! A lot of people ask if my some of my posts are sponsored but nope, this is pure lust my friends.

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