A few month’s ago, Slash Beauty set up shop at WAH London. Roll on three months and they’ve opened their second permanent salon on Portobello Road, the first being in Crystal Palace, and I’m on my third round of infills.

I’ve had semi-permanent lash extensions before, see post here, but this time I think I’m in it for life! Owned by the incredibly impressive entrepreneur, Ashade Cole, Slash offers individual lashes which last up to around four-weeks and I won’t lie to you, have completely rocked my world. There’s nothing I love more than not wearing make-up, so with this summer tan I can now wakeup brush through my freshly shaped and tinted brows and lashes and go about my business. I feel extremely glamorous as soon as I wake up and let me tell you, my selfie game is so strong right now.

There are different lash options, I go for the No More Mascara look which is the most natural of them all. Within that you can choose your lash length and curl, I’ve tried out two styles and have now settled on lengths 9,10 & 11 and a C Curl. This look leaves my lashes long and full as if I’m wearing mascara rather than looking like I’ve got false lashes. If you want a more dramatic look you can go for Glamour’eyes’, which looks gorgeous! You can also add a pop of colour with your inserts which is cute.

If you book your lash appointment online and enter code STYLUM15 you can get 15% off your full set!


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