Sustainably Influenced Podcast Season 2 Now Available

This month Bianca and I released season 2 of our podcast Sustainably Influenced. The topic of sustainability and conscious living has never been more pertinent but can often be viewed as a minefield for those wanting to make informed and ethical choices in how they navigate the world. With the podcast, we aim to provide tangible and accessible guidance for those wanting to live more consciously and do small things greatly to make a difference.

Sustainably Influenced the podcast came off the back of an event we hosted in 2019 around the topic of sustainable fashion. We hardly did any marketing and the event sold out completely as we came to understand that a vast amount of our peers were thinking about how they could make changes in their practices towards ethical living but there wasn’t much available in terms of easily accessible and digestible information in one place. There were so many questions at the end of the panel talk that we realised we weren’t the only people interested in this topic and wanting to learn, so we launched the podcast to learn from experts in sustainability and conscious living and here we are today!

Season two is an 11 episode series with us interviewing some of the world’s mavericks and leading figures across various industries to demystify and inform as to how they and others can make the urgent steps needed to live with our planet in front of mind. The topics include:

Deforestation in the Amazon with Greenpeace’s Elina Polisano
Moving to recycled silver with Monica Vinader
Making Money for Good with Bagboard’s Ashleigh Bishop
Why sustainable fashion can’t be cheap with Harriet Saywood-Bellisario

And 7 more incredibly interesting episodes (if I dare say so myself) out weekly! Head to Anchor or your favourite podcast player to listen to the latest episode of Sustainably Influenced.


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