I’ve found the perfect in shower combo to get the smoothest legs around town! Spring is on it’s way to London (I promise you, It’s coming!) and we’re going to start wanting to let those pins loose. I don’t know about you but mine have definitely been kept well away this winter and were need of some serious TLC!

Lush Ambrosia Shaving Cream

As you know I’m a born again Lush lover. When ever I need to buy something, I think “I wonder if Lush sell that” and off I go to my local shopping centre. I really needed some shaving foam and did some research and saw this one. It has mixed reviews and I completely understand why.  Although it leaves your skin ridiculously smooth to the point that I can’t stop stroking my legs, if you’re shaving longer hairs (like you haven’t shaved your legs in a while because it’s winter right now) then your razor will get clogged. What I’ve found though, is if you use a razor with more than two blades and you’re shaving weekly or even more frequently then you’ll be ok! So it’s basically like having a body hair packed with your best friend, but your best friend is Lush…

Dolce Dreams Coconut Macaroon Body Scrub

This product literally has three ingredients: Shea Butter, Natural Sugar, Coconut Oil. Not only does it smell absolutely divine, but it leaves your skin perfectly hydrated and exfoliated. I’ve tried a few body scrubs in my time but this is definitely my favourite, I think it’s because how simple the ingredients list is making me not worry about what I’m scrubbing my body with!

What are you using to get super smooth legs?

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