I was lucky enough to be sent some pieces from the new curly hair care line, Trepadora. Created and founded by British Curlies‘ Keisha Jo Lawler, this line is everything that fits the modern curly girls requirements…

The products are cruelty-free, 100% vegan and the key ingredient (Inca Inchi Oil) is not only organic, but sustainably grown and harvested by local Peruvian farmers.

A little goes a long way…

So you can pick the Trepadora line up at or on the British Curlies website for between £16-£17 per piece, although not the cheapest line you definitely get a bang for your buck because you only need to use the tiniest amount of product per use (and I’ve got alotta hair now-a-days people!).
The products I tried are:
Something I find with hair products now-a-days is that they either smell of absolutely nothing, or of a crazy toxic fake fruit / air freshener combo. This line is THE BEST smelling bunch of products I have ever come across. Every time I pump the Coconut and Almond Smoothing Conditioner into my hands I close my eyes and pretend I’m somewhere warm. And not to be over the top, but when I opened the Moisture Balm sachet I actually felt like I was on the beach about to sip on a fruity cocktail! The scents are so potent but smell like the ingredients actually used, and that is very rare.
As well as smelling good each product really works, I used them all together and then paired with other brands and I got such amazing results each time. A mistake I did make the first two times I used the styling products is how much I pumped into my hand. The first time I did a wash’n’go with Trepadora I used both the Taming Potion and the Curl Definining Smoothie at the same time, and a lot of them. What a mistake as it completely weighed down my hair! Then I tried the products separately and together but with a lot less product and wow the results were completely different!
My go to style has been use the Clay-Wash and Conditioner in the shower alongside my Tangle Teezer, and then style with a small amount (1p size) of the Smoothie whilst my hair is wet. Once my hair is close to drying I’ll then go onto scrunching a tiny bit of the Taming Potion (which smells so divine you’d think you could eat it) and voila!
The products are super light weight and don’t way my hair down at all, but something I will say (which is a little odd) is that my second day and third day hair is always way better than first day after using these products. The pictures above are second day hair, and I even went onto fourth day hair which is unheard of for me!
Have you tried Trepadora yet? Let me know what’s working for you!  

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