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I’ve always had problem skin, and much like the majority of the female population, how bad it is depends on my hormonal state. A few weeks ago I was in Portugal visiting friends and family and one of my best friends turned to me and told me that my skin wasn’t looking too good (I noted that she was one of my best friends as otherwise that would be really rude to say). Luckily this friend is a regular at the dermatologist and told me about a brand that she couldn’t recommend more highly, Uriage.
Uriage are a French thermal water brand whose products can be found in pharmacies around the world, but unfortunately not in the UK (as far as I’m aware). I purchased a few products from the brand but my favourites have been the Hyséac Cleansing Water and the Hyséac K18 moisturiser. 
I’ve never used a thermal water cleanser so I can’t compare this to any other brand, but I will say my skin has NEVER been cleaner. But the pièce de résistance here is the moisturiser. If like me you have acne prone skin, this product will rock your world! 
Hyséac K18 has a really high AHA concentration (lactic and glycolic acid) which means that it exfoliates from the inside rather than the outside leaving your skin fresher and more radiant looking. In only a few weeks I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin, it’s glowy, plumper and overall has a lot less blemishes. 
I’ve been using it twice a day for the last 3-4 weeks and have limited my use of foundation as I’m aiming to get that glowy model skin that doesn’t really need makeup (one can dream). 
Sorry that this isn’t an accessible product to UK readers, but if you are going away any time soon, make sure you pop into a pharmacy to see if you can find this brand!

*After writing this I found the products on Amazon! Cleansing Water & K18

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