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How amazing is this shot by Kathy Anne Lim?! She was amazing to work with and I can’t wait to organise another shoot with her in the very near future. The funny thing is, I don’t really like having my picture taken. I think that’s why I no longer consider my blog to be a Personal Style Blog and more of a Lifestyle Blog. I enjoy pictures and I love writing (when I have the time) but taking time out of my life to take pictures is something I find really difficult. I have so much respect for Personal Style bloggers who take the most beautiful outfit shots and post regularly as I know how much time it takes. Especially the girls who also have a full time jobs, you all deserve awards! I think it will help when my boyfriend moves over to the UK in the summer and I’ll have somebody to constantly nag me and take outfit shots so I can move back to the original idea of a PS blog, but who knows where life will takes us, eh?


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