Makeup bag 1

So I know I’ve been absent for a while, AGAIN, but my excuse this time is just that I have been so tired. Not really a good one is it? I think I talked about my job a little bit in a previous blog, but if not, basically I started a new job back in March which I am loving and has unknowingly lead to the start of my career. Most of you will know my aim in job hunting was to get a job in marketing, and I have succeeded (yay) and will luckily be going to Boston next week for a training course.

Working full time in an office is a lot different to working part time & going to events so I’ve had to adapt my makeup. I tend to get oily half way through the day and I’m not one to touch up as, it’s only work at the end of the day! I don’t make a huge effort with my makeup at work as I feel that I have no one to impress and therefore can go into work sometimes with just a little bit of powder and my eyebrows filled in. No matter what I always take my makeup bag with me just in case as you never know what could happen, or who could walk in to the office!


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