I’m the kind of person who when I’m given a task, I put my all into it. Which can sometimes have a negative affect on other parts of my life. In May I started a new job here in Porto at a really cool company and I love it. Unfortunately I got so busy with work related things and neglected my favourite hobby. Blogging. As I have just sorted out my schedule for the next few months I decided to put in some mandatory blogging hours!
What’s new with me? 
I started Yoga again and I’m loving it. I started Hatha Yoga which is a little more intense to what I was used to at my local gym in the UK but nonetheless its amazing. In just a month I feel that my flexibility has reached a whole other level. I can’t touch my toes yet my I’m almost there! I’m also joining the gym this month. I’ve lost a lot of weight recently and I need to put it back on. I’m trying to get myself a Brazilian booty, so wish me luck with that.
I took my hair extensions out. Ever since the big chop (involuntary may I add) my hair has been a disaster. I thought putting my hair extensions back in would fix everything but it just meant I had to get more creative to hide the disaster. After 3 months of unhappiness I decided to take them out as I could feel that they were ready to be set free, and thank god I did. The lady did a terrible job sewing them in anyway (according to my boyfriend who helped take them out) and the bottom braid was completely matted! I needed a ton of conditioner to sort that mess out. So now I’m short haired and natural and struggling as I’ve completely forgotten how to style my own hair.
Lastly, I’m itchy. Not in the disgusting fungi way, in the “I’m Jones-ing for a change” kind of way. I’ve been here in Porto for nearly nine months now and although I am loving every second, I think I’m homesick. London’s calling but who knows how long I’ll stay. I’m going in a couple of weeks so maybe that will help my decision making process.

What’s new with you guys?



  1. November 14, 2013 / 7:45 pm

    that was so brave of you to big chop but it certain can be hard to know how to take care of the brand new foreign (unfortunately) texture! I know how you feel. I have mine in a weave right now and I find that it grows the most with I'm not manipulating it at all. you should try going to someone better and just keeping your natural hair conditioned in braids. those single strand knots and dryness was just too much for me. haha I think my next adventure will be box braids! you can see my natural hair in my blog posts : http://www.ankaratocotton.blogspot.com , working on growing it out! don't be discouraged, you will get a routine you love and inturn, fall in love with your hair! it's beautiful!


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