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Charlotte Williams is an influencer, podcast host, public speaker and founder of SevenSix Agency, the influencer marketing agency with a focus on diversity and inclusion. Charlotte is fast becoming a go-to voice for brands wanting consultancy on inclusive marketing strategies and regularly speaks for and works with platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, alongside sitting on roundtables and panels with industry figureheads such as the ASA and Advertising Association. She founded SevenSix Agency in 2019; since then it has worked with brands such as Pinterest, Greenpeace, Bumble and WWF. The agency provides consultancy services to brands and influencers, centred around representation in influencer marketing and how to create purpose-led campaigns that generate a positive impact.

Before SevenSix, Charlotte held a number of marketing roles, including managing the Hello Kitty brand for Sanrio and working under Sharmadean Reid at WAH Nails. Charlotte is a successful influencer in her own right, having built an impressive social profile, and regularly works with brands such as Vodafone, John Lewis, SheerLuxe and the Department for Education.

With sustainability and ethical practices also areas of real personal importance, Charlotte is the co-host of Sustainably Influenced, a podcast focused on conversations around ethical practices for consumers and businesses alike.


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