SheaMoisture UK Launch

So big news guys… My favourite cosmetics brand in the world, SheaMoisture has officially launched in the UK and from last week, you can pick up four of the most popular hair care lines in Boots! For those of you who aren’t familiar with SheaMoisture, it is an American cosmetics brand made from certified organic Shea Butter and natural ingredients. Although I am only familiar with the haircare and body care products, there is also a baby line and makeup line which I’ve heard to be amazing.  

I’ve been using SheaMoisture products for a few years now and will tell anyone who wants to hear that my hair is only the way it is today (voluminous, healthy and strong) due to my using of this brand! I used to buy the products online but then I started to go to the US for work every quarter and with that I started bringing over hundreds of dollars worth of products to keep mine and my sister’s locks looking fresh, every quarter. But now, as if it is fait, I’ve gotten to the end of my Jamaican Black Castor Oil Conditioner and SheaMoisture hits the shelves in Boots! 

Last Thursday myself and a few other bloggers and magazine bodies were invited to the press launch party in Central London. The SheaMoisture family (it’s a family affair) came over to London and with the help of the fabulous Sparkle PR, hosted an amazing launch party – and when I say amazing I mean amazing. From the models hired to represent the diversity of the brand, to the waiters who carried a delicious array of Canapés and cocktails to the presentation of the products, everything was perfect.

What impressed me most about the whole evening was how down to earth and genuinely interested the SheaMoisture team were towards us. I had a chance to meet Chief Community Officer Emmet Dennis who you can tell just lives and breathes the brand! He gave a speech earlier on in the evening and it was really touching.

“We would not be here without you, this is your brand” – Emmet Dennis

His emphasis on the importance of Bloggers, Vloggers and Youtubers along side community commerce was really interesting and refreshing. As well as Emmet, my hair crush Shannon, aka UK Curly Girl, was asked to say a few words on behalf of the brand, as not only is she a huge fan of the products, but she has been and will be working with SheaMoisture in the UK!

The Launch party was hands down the best hair product press party I have ever been to (and I’ve been to quite a few!). Thank you to SheaMoisture and Sparkle PR for the invitation. I’m looking forward to future events!

You can pick up SheaMoisture haircare products in selected Boots stores, if not in your local then you can always buy online! Also be sure to follow SheaMoisture UK on Twitter to keep up-to-date with the brand.


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