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The Intimates

I’m not sure if it’s just me or not, but do you ever reach that time of the year when you look at all the underwear in your drawer and cannot believe 1) how little you have 2) how many pieces you’ve dyed a different colour 3) how much doesn’t fit you anymore.

Well, I reached that time of year last night when I was hanging up my laundry and felt completely embarrassed by what is now on display. I personally think intimates are such an important part of your outfit, not only does the right underwear help make your outfit fit properly, but also wearing a sexy bra or a silky pair of knickers can make you feel like a supermodel. This year in the sales, I’m planning on spending all my money on good quality underwear that I won’t accidently dye and I won’t be embarrassed to see on the drying wrack.


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